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Monster Beats Machine

This is something I designed up thinking years before Dre or any artist ever been involved in the actual music production gear process. I first designed the VBM which is an online beat drum / loop phrase machine. VBM= Virtual Beat Machine. I designed, programmed and made real in 1999. On www.MindStateRecords.com way back then. Because it worked for real online, ment that the program worked and all it needed was a real physical box to just hold the buttons, screen and computer to run the program. Simple. But then Dr. Dre. and Monster Audio got together with a shady scheme. Monster makes the headphones and Dr. Dre just says "ok where do I sign." Nice job bro. These pictures are the newest design of the machine which in software and hardware is still the baddest box. There are screens with each main data direction/control, keys to insert/program, rotary endless knobs and the screen bigger than most. Long and wide for perfect waveform editing. I introduce to you. The Monster Beats beat machine created in 2004 but not actually put into 3d with legit cad dimensions until 2005. I just need investors to make this project a go. And officially be the first legit rapper and producer to have their own gear for real. Not like Rza and all these others with listening devices not actually creating arts and craftwerk devices. Nonsense! I make shit happen!

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