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This is the Writers Block. Where I jot down notes, ideas, lyrics, songs and more. Everything contained came from the brain main frame $ykoe.

This is that page them other rappers come peep game. Get ideas and script how they got fuel against my name all about how they pout in vain. Keep reading and relieve your pain. This is my therapy that helps from going insane.


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updated: 09-16-2013

gonna make it and attack
cuz it doesnt matter where its bad
imma hardcore pawn
and thats a fact

middle earth
deep in the dungeon givin birth
make a feast of this luncheon of my work
beats and rhymes its these feastin times,
 put the punch in to hurt
legs in the ladder i put the rungs in
hi freaks n low bumps it
got dough got heat
put the buns in
let them cook
n sizzle my watermark to the rhyme book

one of them rap commanders
elemental original setting new hiphop standards
of a whole new species chill

for them brighter things
you could do that
for them finer kinder things
you could prove that
pace two
to the beat that i drop it to
keep me fresh in your mind
heart and soul
its hard down here in the bottom of the bowl
still got control
there isnt an enterprise that can capture my roll
imma get it what you got it
on these styles owned
maca taga te gaga
toka toka ta caga
flacka chaka you caka


update: 09/16/2013

brabus rocket with the bassclef 5500d      by crescendo
the victor will never be asked if telling the truth
syria, rebels, assad,
you are in america now and left your family, ahahhh

dont claim your a rapper but be in the hip hop chart
a real rapper stands up and claims his art
trying to flip flop or stray crop dark
circles bullseye where i targeted a shot heart

hiphop more for a lifestyle or group
it aint the place for talking about what you shoot
hiphop with kids these days is construed
tight skinny jeans aint gettin used
rappers and gangstas involved got the genre misused
especially if you aint got scratches , samples or bass

got no hands on the wheel just my knee
one hand wavin out the window the other push in my usb
or bluetooth it digitally

waiting for years they're in line for a deal
not realizing they'll always be last if you wanna talk on the real
cuz either nobody has told him seriously
or they didn't listen and moved on deleriously.

i thought i could fly
got a disease on my dui
c k one sprayed ud think i spritzed it in my eye
cuz i jumped off the roof on a salvia high
took that risk deal with a guy gotta crooked eye
even though my gut told me not to
i just denied
went with it and sold the soul
did a burnout took off 0-60 in 2.9
like gta i drove it like it was stole
interstate I seven five exit ramp mile of 9
had a cop waiting for me at the next light
i didnt see him cuz i was readin a message
thinking somebody needs to text right

all i could think to myself is why
in the world did i risk my life
letting a piggy piggy get some of my pie
now i gotta think chedda come
chedda go bye bye

raps irrelevant
 like obama and bush together as president
jessica albeqwirky but sometimes hesitant
in the methodix of the robotix orthodox power measurement
put me in as the top rap headline resident

i spit my true flu kazoo
synthesizers style you
with that capital BOOM

twerk put on by yuppies pop
 thinkin they all hot
but got no got
no crease in the booty bottom poppin pocket
i put the organ in the light socket
ones and twos givin life with my dick and a finger when i shockit
i got a v12 biturbo rocket
go as fast as his do 20-80
but at 140-280km baby

back at it baguette
bad guy holdin princesses pressed from a briquette
invisbly set better than eminem
im not talking about his family secrets of incest
or thier little likings on that pinterest
im talking hear say
 i heard he likes to wear a dinner dress
out on a date with andre 3000 lookin fresh
with his shirt pressed
every third of his threads expose the transformer
cuz those boys make him feel warmer
all leading to a magazine subscription to dick digest
like a little boy seeing his first pictures of porn in playgirl bisexual pipe fest

avoid the chickens that'll get you hit
watch out for a shady shit
with a lady on his hip n outright says he can spit
been there done that i can handle mine kid
better get yourself some practice or pay a teacher quik
 excercise your lip
like joe mohney ridin a boy pony short shit
cones push the dish with a hot motor shoot the sine wave swish

dames, dimes executive elite light it
get the erector set,
cuz that nigga wish he had my dick

i got gasoline and a match
watch your robber mask in flames when the light catch

good dick and tattoos

she wants that good dick

i said i got it for a hotty
thick stick shotty
nutty with dual turbos
girl so spot me
i like when a girl so sloppy
she wanna slob me
cuz i got tattoos on my body

im a wild species poppin bubblies
sykoe dont fuck with them uglies
come fuck with me
in VIP
black n white ops party

you can call me ray
cuz ill shine rhymes on you today

smell that pretty money
smell them smarts and something funny

cheers to the haters
wassup to my players
rhyme slayers
to the beat makers
the heater snaps
 hearts of them fakers
work in the lab
bars n blocks
ribs by the slabs
 bleeding so much ink i think
kicker kicks and the snare jabs
 writing and dropping notes soaks maxi pads

imma clear soul with forces
woodward back n forth crusin the courses
power with white and black horses
hard push form my stomach to my tush
anheiser bush
clydesdale in a thump
like a camel from dearborn goes north over the hump
 n fall outta their seat
i rep real asian chi
to iraq with a fine iraqi
to indian audio discrete
and cassette tape black
porclein blond orlanda g string gotta love that
d dubb that
burn them hay stacks tay stacks
buckwheat say otay to wacks

see how three pound
of c4 blow now
promote my album blahww
get baked n burn the whole club down
promote n sell tunes like your 13
looking broke drinking boones on some burnt green
big rings on your fingers turned green
everytime they see you its the same jersey
if i coulda woulda shoulda

act like your system big like scottie pippen
but your amps is clipping
no bouncing in that drink cup your sipping
make it work
net worth

attention and warning
wack rappers wankin a yankin on the chains tension comin corny
they try to out perform me
with their half cup fulls?
they act like they works for the bulls
but performs new like the calves
I will cut you in halves
you think predator but realize prey
cuz your the nigga chased on the street each and every day
like that avery sticker on that cd i heard you play
got wet and caught some sun
now your favorite thing you love is over with and done.
stuck on the laser

a zip in shoes
26 chrome n blues
system with a lot of juice
rockin hard like a retard bizzarre
jack the bar then jack you for your car
wierdos rule the underground star
come to detroit or pontiac you aint gotta look far
hazel town to warren, eastpoint to southfield
oakpark n township hard
detroit n redford highland n palmer park

bonnies n clydes
with dark fast rides
to gain size for high calories in our salaries
down with them mickey n malories

feelin good chillin at the base
im just a nigga that cant leave the house without catchin a case

many days ago
they had to laygo the eggo
let the sway go n mold this newborn like playdough
the days of no hate though in highland park,
state fair fun parties and races
cops wouldn't come when there was too many faces
as time went on the block had more empty spaces
these are my raps and this is my creed
imma spit this shit till my lips bleed
breed and put all my babies on the planet
breathe cuz imma say it god damnit
s y to the k o e
there aint a way another mother fucker can clone me

hamtramck in the street like brooklyn parked, ferndale, hazel park, mt. clemens, south warren, to north warren, nashville, old hickory, orlando n miami
ludington to big rapids,

weak like pong thinkin you a kong jus a donkey sorry
got them beats and rhymes wrong busta honky atari
eye on it
rely on it

invisible settings of bass
but see i got shaking all over the place

today is day of collections in my regional zone
fuck what turf they think they own
actin hater wow
leave me alone
while im checkin my custos on the paper route
sykoe s-y-k-o-e
i never had a clone

im just a dog with a bone
moving up and down charts alone
new hits keeps this
in the top of every genre and seasonal throne

they dont understand you
or every streak the sun ray on
what day dey-on
poppin baby before they stop the crayon
some girls play mom

but i wont name drop
on whos game flop
then became cop
mind aint ready slop
concentrate your hate in a positive way
just go ahead sing or stream main pop
cuz there isn't any life in your hip hop
lets talk culture style settings
you have to meet 3 of the 4 horns copped
like tight jeans converse and black frames?
too much your a bust go home to your lames
lemmings talking ridiculous unknown trust strange
 in the lyrics that you writ spit and thought it was experienced to fuel the flames
some people just aint got a clue how stupid they act
or how stupid more is that is there available to fan and react
because they feel the same way, exact

lift me



play hard and rip

i grew yesterday
ill grow today
ill grow tomorrow
 fuck you if your my enemy

cuz i put the best of me
clonin many me
in every hittin note slapped
i cook up the recipe of a mack
bangin black
put my name on that
the biggest nut sack
banging beats
and im takin them for keeps
pimpin jeeps with wood mohagonys
stripper stop n tease
insert these bongo beads

dead roses

grew up south burbs
school in the south burbs

life in the hood aint that long

caskets getting shorter and shorter

what we doin out here in the streets
jail or life in the ground
doin well
watch what your doin
stay alive stay well
you know what im sayin
i lost my lil nephew to the hood
they robbed him of his mind, heart and soul
fuck a survey and fuck a poll
them statistics only know of the shit reported in a cops stroll
but the price paid at the toll dont include every transport
sitting on the hood of the ride riding down the street
they say there's a better way
but for some of us that's a picture we cant see
because if heaven is up top
this cant be nothin but hell right here
intent to kill
random stuff doing stuff
open season, open range
growin up fast
guns in the kids hands that dont even know how to aim
shooting the wrong people for that fast money to be somebody
get into being with that
violence is
i just wish it would stop
availability of service
something to look forward too
maybe this would subside
pulling down the dark alley she the shining bumper and lights of a regal
nobody in the car
where they at?
cuz this ride is at my house. in the back
acting crazy like a she ra chi raq
kids getting stuck in them mud puddles

the picture that science presents is a lil uncomfortable
we evolved as human beings a few million years ago
we escaped with tigers and snakes, gators and a land with no walls or gates
violates our common sense
the universe doesnt care about common sense
get real with reality even if it's strange
because that is what is wonderful to force ourself to think of new possiblitites
ive said that scientists love mysteries
the puzzles of the universe that makes it exciting
to revolve and solve those puzzles
but each time that we do then new questions arise
with the questions of our lives
searching for answers about life
its not as easy as sitting back and staring at our navels
what we learn is we are more insignifigant on a scale nobody would have imagines
the future is miserable
you think that might deprese you
but it should pride you
the face we shouldnt be.
the meaning in our lives
is provided by us
because we are here by accident
in this breif moment
cuz this is all we have
even if we are rare and the only humans around
we are special
we determine our future

hit it hard deep
2 t2 15's
i got hope for you young fellas and your dreams
good fellas
bad fellas
broke and got no money to toke fellas
spillin your beans jumpin past the scenes

i grab my pistol peice
warm it up grease
on my hands the prints crease
leave them ridges on release

yess playing this
 in the ride bumpin
 heatin coils with hits
wires wide on the T25 hundreds
they ask who installed it
i done this
when the bricks shake loose
i know i won this
got the winshield cracked
wobblin in and out
but i love it how everybodies looks attract
lotta hate at the light
windows rollin up
they look at me like im the disgusting type
im just livin it up
 livin my life
loud music, loud bikes
loud trucks, loud fights
boomin speakers on hot nights
crown royal and them weed pipes

i hook up my ride with sounds
good beats with matching bass that's what counts
i pooped the puka, blast my bazooka
amps on rack mounts
t2 power i got that bounce
hes got friends who claim to dream in color
i say its a pigment of their imagination from another my brother
as the street lights passed
over my skull through the moon roof,
"This is some scarface night life music."


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