UPDATED: 02-14-2013


This is the Writers Block. Where I jot down notes, ideas, lyrics, songs and more. Everything contained came from the brain main frame $ykoe.

This is that page them other rappers come peep game. Get ideas and script how they got fuel against my name all about how they pout in vain. Keep reading and relieve your pain. This is my therapy that helps from going insane.


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UPDATED: 02-14-2013


Gold pen with a feather explain the solution.
My new year resolution,
to write in the weather,
1 shoe's out 1 shoe's in.
raps on the porch boozing.
if it's a battle he's choosing,
leave a situation no longer confusing.
Words real 'till I die,
12 gauge stay still, till I disperse,
 ill life real when it hits your eye.
make a John turn to a Heather
$ the death letter.
 Dogs in my verse, one click and they unleashed from the tether
then he's choosing to lie down
better after the heat dies down.
 I hear their cries now.
Begging for my help cuz they're scarlet with no cheddar young pupz still in yelp.
Told you the truth you tell lies now fishy kelt bubblin words weak.
my words cold. i piss on a ice cube it won't melt g.
they fucked up and they know it, disrespected to the third degree
 now just another beggar in the street.
Put other cats before me.
I put you on, you put me out.
So now,
you're just another cat stray in the gutter sow,
no longer my brother but a rap on a beat,
just another ugly mother fucker watching me,
I like to call my mother fuckin' enemy.
Cuz you didn't want to see me succeed.
 You wanted to see me bleed.
That shit is funny to me.
Cuz you already know can't shit happen to me.
I took a shot to the crab leg, skull cracked twice out bled,
 i was on the bottom in the red, for dead,
 and this dog not once did beg
 I was suppose to be a vegetable left with a brain of egg in the land of the unruly under the roads tread,
I remain functional and even more wise.
for nice, rappin truly, nobody mackin' me or charge me any fooly price,
got my own factory, machines to make real n' they watch n' i say send your spies.
you only know what I want you to know,
you ain't even aquired a vise.
no grip, no lock,
see my style, see you mock
i will be in the top
no matter how many tries
internet charts number one many times
spread me, shed me, share me, let me be raised to the skies
 like a god.

 yet today, you still ain't better rappin' to me.
Your stories have no substance thick n' slow flow filled with corn syrup make you corny.
Raps with no beef is like corned beef. Fatty. Rap like your dicks hard n' horny.
Fag get back, rap is back strapped with steel n' leather
S & M sykoe mindstate you can blow me.
But i'd rather not
 cuz you got sores on your lip. From kissin my ex bitch and lettin her suck your dick.
Forget she had genital warts and herpes kid?
Now that's some funny shit!
Karma is a bitch and that's what you get.
My biz taking off private chemtrail jet


UPDATED: 02-14-2013


say your a union brother but got no card
the only local your a member to is loco in your mind pretending that you work hard.
i was journey man now a master vanguard, helped lead your way.
since you left me you been stuck at the gate

ain't allowed past the bars riding the coat tails of some paid to play stars CUZ YOUR JUST A SLAVE pretending cuz you can't behave.

updated: 02-14-2013


you must be out of your mind to think your gonna dull my shine
mindstate full loaded clip barrel rip to the skull a nine
mile down 1 to the 8 come find the warehouse at 18 paint scribed on the wall of my rhyme
great like a sadistic vixen with a whip snap the swine sweet talk the key to the gate n' retina for the digital eye
it's no problem to get inside

UPDATED: 02/14/2013

whats up mother fuckers
this is the decent into degrees
deep in the illegitimacies
of male fantasies good turned bad into broken pedigrees
mutilated souls, smokin bowls sayin fuck your fad hopin your good life is the life of no enemies

big bank takes little banks
ones contents in a wall 1 foot thick with 3" diameter shanks
while the others case made of glass piggies with change, no thanks

been making beats from my brains
went from sticks n buckets to
duckets to dames
i can kick it vivid or keep it down n' dirty wicked hot with flames
blood drippin or blunts passin fuckin so many sluts got my dick once drippin
im not trippin who you slippin the roofee
big producer big balls on the back of your truck but still can't out do me

based off the specifications is my depending

UPDATED: 02/13/2013


say your real and stand up for your city but took off from your city and now only visit
they blame the money. blame the thugs. but sell and use them to get drugs, help cops plant bugs and say they the ones to trust? which is it?
whats your business?
only thing left behind with your name is the dust on the floor
i got dough and still remained in the hood just put a bigger lock on the door
the saying is always if you are bout it.. then you live it.
rich or more poor
 with a wiped clean score board
you cant remain the same
when you live in a whole new domain

just a stringer for the cops recording shit

its harder for me to hide at night. im not black

you can try and keep up with me

the impact rolls the ride of his ghetto suv

you cant say what you want to say.
you gotta do what you are told cuz you are a company bitch

go ahead and hate on my name..

sprinkle a lil more on my fame

i gave it all up for you, for us, with trust i tell you imma be with you forever or bust

i love it when men get sappy on a track like romeo and juliet
thats the soft face everytime he closes his eyes thinkin of a scam way to say imma still sue you yet!

cuz if he opened them eyes he would know how much you adore him sexually

hair over her eye, neck shown, shoulder killin shes sexy when she gets sensually 

seeing her face would make his eyes hurt
cryin like khardasian brother robert
light the fuse if you wanna die
riding through the red light
another so called production
send one of his drones to your crib a whole fucking swarm of them
20 dollars in my pocket
super symetric anti sykotic
evidence for intelligent design nano biotic
some of those codes dont look like codes so chaotic
equations to merge nations new world order the elites theatre i got it

girls give me so much brain on the amtrak train

just another copy printed in a self published mag in the mix

stupid mother fuckers aint got shit on this

fly down from your cloud of delusion. i keep it real while you keep the illusion
1 sheep 2 sheep 3 sheep four

just another studio whore

everyone looked up to him for all the wrong reason catch him on the police radar assisting your down fall for hood treason

frank mathews, frank lucas  rick ross
these guys were willed into existence
global disorder call me the lyrical transporter hot for the cause
rivalries and conflicts in the west keep moving don't pause
contain those things and the remains brings conflicts to who holds the short straws

china japan korea disputing islands

nuclear hymens labia spy men cia we see you we aint blind men

us aint gotta nettle with that

hot in the burner pull the trigger cuz i meddle with that
lack of strong leadership too many bosses nobody recovering our losses cant settle with that

incorrect strategies in packaging fake in this michigan state

this is how i tell it in my video rap on the golden plate
you cant even call yourself a rapper, a freestyler, an entertainer let alone a beat maker
your as fake as dumars selling his property to the mother fuckin h i v laker
8mile bout to be owned up and exploited by magic
just a ghost hermit hiding like the toynbee tiler faggot
it dont matter how many goons in your camp
if all of them in the wrong set of mind wrong direction to the arks ramp

i heard the new dmx i heard the new baby
heard the new em, all yall styles aint changed a bit so consider yourself crazy
granite counters, slate entrance, cherry oak, bearl, zebrano dont amaze me

unless you really creating something new your just lazy

taking a dip in winkler pond
grab your pads, think fast n' tag some raps on the mead paper 25 row bond
fill it up with words that'll jump from the page shrapnel hit you in your face from the bomb

This is the the gator exotic
your beef is my raps fuel on beat the stator electronic
Wicked wild 8 mile style piled up electronic hope
first i make the dope
then i lay my trigger finger
pick up the mic n choke, turn off the phones ringer
wet my lips n throat take a puff from my smoke 

i use to have a soul
then people ate it up
now all that's left is this egotistical asshole  witht he mic gripped up


UPDATED: 02/13/2013

Quick punch it!

ill make you hate me
even though you think you're so greatly
alot of people kickin bullshit everyday
you see it on the news
thats because they're owned by the corporate
tell any info and the law will rap rather than investigate
the easiest, quickest route for a cheap cop asking to make his day

his treat is to antagonize
 every day of the week ruining random lives
cuz i get with it sadist bully vicious with my slender size
barbarously brutally killing your dreamiest wishes in your chests insides

 see the bums on the corner in a stroll
people who once had a life then lost control

bitch i'm not a vandal or a robber this isn't no hold up

kids screaming "don't shoot"



UPDATED: 02/13/2013

i keep trying to be better than this other kid
with things to say happened to me dramatic
i was in a coma for four days with a cracked lid
 thought I had something on him
then i found out he was in a coma for ten, shit!
 now my idea is a dumb thing compared to him.

i had an idea that was a dumb thing compared to him
thought i had something on him that happened to me more dramatic
i keep trying to be better than this other kid


UPDATED: 02/13/2013

I like fast cars of Italian precision like Ferrari, James Bond and spies. I like gold and diamonds and I love a cute cheeky butter cup butt with a cute crease and a gap between the thighs. That always catches my eyes when our eyes meet like clouds of white roam free beautifully into them blue skies.  I love thrill rides. Adventure, action and mystery and some romance tease wise. Once the doors are closed I am a freak in the studio beats recording or in the bed with 50 strokes of mastery. Shades closed in the day. I'm like a vamp. Renaissance in the street to pull up under the glimmering canopy, top down bumpin' a beat. Valet took my keys and got the doors as me and my date head up to knock the floors of the penthouse suite.
Pool overlap see through above the road sweet
so everybody can see
when I'm naked drunk and disorderly
having sex is the best in a pool that's a see through balcony.
 I always got something to say
and Life B borin' B stay up with me.

Rappin, Freestylin', Making crazy hot thunder damnin beats.
I love sex
 for sure a beast for that love.
 Aggressive inline skating is a thing my soul grindz to.
I love rap / hip hop / ghetto tech boom
 / symphony / latin / blues / techno electro with auto tune
things i can put my minds eye through
with thunderous sound as the room fills.
glitch hop / battle raps and underground skills.
oh yeah i forgot to mention
5th dimension

who got drink?
over here man!!
i wont stop partying or promoting partying its a daily thing not weekly
I love to colab with cats independent or big. If you can record on the mic I can mix that shit.
I  DJ Parties house and club.
I like robots, tanks, guns and drugs.
Not really into the alchohol thing but I will slam shots of liquor and keg stand twice on an empty stomach and pay the price and still remain nice.

say you got a song
gotta put it down don't wait too long
well i wanna hear it
just because im a producer
dont mean i don't like to admire another 

UPDATED: 02/13/2013 

Rap Notes

i smoke weed, blast beats
just that detroit monster beast
with dope innovations for the streets
anyone can do what i do and he does freaks
you dont have to be a millionaire to hold a piece

no need for the permit fuck him he aint a mac that dillion mcdermott
outta style never like the muppets will never kill kermit

if you trust me ill use the winds of the storm ment to destroy you and shift it another direction

the same winds that hold you back ill use to hold you up

megatron in the nfl
calvin johnson
ask your local 4 facebook viewers
we'd like to hear from you

show me that uncut video

the second you step to me bitch ill make your face a fiscal cliff
pistol gripped
trigger gets slow missle blows and hits your lip

imma leader riding luxury while you fixing your 2010 beater
ill raise your tax rate better than a congressional leader

holiday donut six pack

tax deductible donation
100 percent helps people right here in michigan

this is an insteresting story

if you have to ask why people are willing to say there is a death in the family for an extra day off of work
it tells you people need more time for themselves

gorgeous blue skies with the winds blowing south west

im like the government.. what you hear and see isn't really clear to you and me through the visually.
longevity inbetween so you aint got moves on me

i tell you what i want you to know

man man
buy this mother fuckin album
blue soldier
blue soldier
dammm i told ya
im a bad mother fucka rappin at the flappy
they take it on fordum what you crappin and you tappin hoe
drapin canadate doin what the tekken holds
but can you turn the mother fucker like your mackin bro
back in the foo rude blue and i troop vu through
and they claim they know to do with the true
fuck a court
fuck you
true soldier
imma bump bump bump
mother fucka takin all you out
you fuckin gump
the only thing your mouth good for is gettin pumped
keep talkin shit 'n' get jumped

try to compare to me
truth is others can sue you but cant sue me
cuz i own every single cent of the royalty
the most they see is how their soup boils b
mindstate macks a maybach at concept
cuz we see how the royals see once we set free and the bombs set

they wont get my gun till they pry it from my dead cold fingers
fuck a twinkie i always like better them strawberry zingers

see the jerk ridin my ass distorted in the rear view
bass hitting hard

support the troops, support the pawn
see the ribbon on the back when i do donuts in your lawn

oh no you dont wanna listen to me
well fuck you and your wrong apacolypse cant fuck with me
big shoes means yes. a big dick
big tires and big rims.. yup for real i got a big dick

what up girl, come at me.
thick n savy a lotta girls want, but cant have me
for the goodness sake in it
theres already a girl who claims n has taken it
they just wish their man do what i do to make my girl forever happy
stop what im doin rapping and cuddle up with a kiss when shes napping
man king, king of them animals in my region of the jungle





I don't know why people think there is a such thing as minorities today when there is gay marriages.

Everyone has the same laws to follow. I jus' don't get it.

ICP fans are a minority you could say then and could win some crazy lawsuit against the gob. How many minorities?

They say pot smokers are lazy fucks.
 I say shut the fuck up and show me you put in more work in your art sober than I have floatin' skyline high in my roster in a movie poster.  you could call me a track hoarding beats roaster. To be real I'd have to say you a bad reporter news rumor here say distorter with blanks in the holster. Chill B your actin' like a seed. Grow a little. Some people are capable of accomplishing all that can without a day of being sober. . Some are moving so fucking fast smoke brings them down to the exact level they are at. Turn the substance off. Oh shit ramped up! It's HYPER BOY!!!


whats up mother fuckers
this is the decent into degrees
deep in the illegitimacies
of male fantasies good turned bad into broken pedigrees
mutilated souls, smokin bowls sayin fuck your fad hopin your good life is the life of no enemies

big bank takes little banks
ones contents in a wall 1 foot thick with a 3" diameter shanks
while the others case made of glass piggies with change, no thanks
been making beats from my brains
went from sticks n buckets to
duckets to dames
i can kick it vivid or keep it down n' dirty wicked hot with flames
blood drippin or blunts passin fuckin so many sluts got my dick once drippin
im not trippin who you slippin the roofee
big producer big balls on the back of your truck but still can't out do me
based off the specifications is my depending

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Email: club8mile@detroitmonster.com  Booking contact: 248-802-4017  

© 1992-2013 MindState Records.

PAGES  -  ONE  -  TWO  -  THREE  -  FOUR  - FIVE  - SIX




© 1992-2013 MindState Records. 




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