UPDATED: 02/14/2013


This is the Writers Block. Where I jot down notes, ideas, lyrics, songs and more. Everything contained came from the brain main frame $ykoe.


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UPDATED: 02/13/2013


i started out with a potty mouth in the michigan glove

rappin the way i express the way i love
that shit helped me all the way till now duh
if you know me. i barely get mad
thatz cuz mostly got it bottled up saved for another crack
no need to act wack in person when i can get paid for it and pay it back
showing off with my nice rides, clothes and studios with 384khz in each mono track
some said they been rappin since 6. i was rappin before that
rappin before that toddler was an odder 5 it's chris mac

some peoples lives as boring sap as their beats in loops set to run back loops n' repeats

and expect the streets to pay the big sweet paycheck
handicap parking spot blue lined he stepped down out the truck onto the deck

their mind must be wrecked
stay strong when you smoke long and disrespect
goin hard, good hearted from the start get checked

there is some copycats with names jacked with no notorized stamp
too crippled to do a google search their fingers must be cramped
theres only one s to the y k o e to bring you up amped.
though my copies are doper than others so crappy, your click sucks so blow me. In the mode mack get champed.

tug on my balls as you hold me
aint none of them realer than this so they really owe me
if you got more goin on then show me
cuz your library is really looking phony

i got titles to all my whips
deeds to all my cribs

say they are self made but gotta suck anothers dick, grab this big baby a damn bib!

everybody got a studio but no creativity just that oversampled flow
with a beat in a loophold

lord save me, keep me from goin crazy

makin' a couple g'z on the block

my step mom said i have an evil ora
she even said my woman is mental
she needs to explore her own dora or see a floral wreath looking up from beneath
performs in theatre but claims to the state disabled mental capacity, look dad she's joshin' you can't you see?

you gotta be kiddin' me.
aint never worked and perps shes pedigree
my moms man my step dad used to act like i was on crack
he didn't calm down till he broke his back
in the past he use to push and shove me
always above me but now wants to love me
its sad that it takes old age to see that life is lovely but it's hard to forget what the fuck you done to me.

im only here cuz this faggot needs to be put in his place using my name with his face
my girl walk in with all that ass but really look at her face n' hair when I trick that bass.

whats up you joinin the rest of the nation
gettin all down with that rappin gay shit
like all that makeup on your face like a geisha
some of these fools are just shape shifting shits trade it cuz the real underground never needs ya.

i recognize that bums face like dudes dunce bass postin his lame ass tracks all over the place.

coward hidin out heads to tails, tails to heads strike them down

addicts in your basement posers with track fails this ain't eminems town my feet stomped these streets before he did just track the trace.

and your moms got that tool the stud finder milf cool on reddit where you find her quick in a strip showing her but hole n shit, never showing amove the waist.

i can't believe you got a kid with a chick gettin naked on the 8 mile strip

maybe your daughter will grow up to be a teacher instead of a government leacher
all on the sellin or eatin pills shit
confetti cut plottin that ill shit

some artist try to drive by but get slammed with drivers responsibilities
can't even afford their utilities using my name but can't match my abilities.

i cover them, smother them, some of them
pretend to be smart but really dumber men

angry at his girl always mad at her
got not job, she pays the bills and acts like hes mackin her
homey you need a financial emergency manager

like esham and icp talk dark but need god to be their bestie
dont pray for me or my mom cuz you fell off and bombed when you left me
dont play me that sappy rap
jay z monotone captain in rap jacked lip smack
talkin but no actions flauntin hands on his own dick ceo type prick catch a hollow point through the back
he aint about life hes about business
all about the profit, kid with a demo and he's like "what is this?"
fuck the illuminati kill em with the lumen shotty of enlightment so bright irresistable to resist this!


UPDATED: 02-13-2013


blow my money like a black man
nice clothes, big body whip cuz i can
im a mother fucking american
call me controversial or conspirital
and you added too much
take off the con and you got tron
trill troversial with that spiritual
vibe that hits you just right this shit aint no miracle
natural setting real from the block to the stick
as i take the hood off the mic
it keeps the capsule that captures every great moment
 protected on them smokey nights
big money big contents
highest bidder takes the rights
vaults of gold ingots
i love it when she toys with her but with knickers n' tights

UPDATED: 02/13/2013


morning ass
baby girl bounce that backside
face down ass up
she hopes i still lurk around
i love when a girl is brave gone wild
send me them pics girl
long legs, high heels and a thong
imma star fucker
booty booty booty
leave her pussy shipwrecks
dirty dirty your such a dirty girl
girl it dont need to be the fattest i love your ass

the convenant of quiet enjoyment

as soon as she got out of the shower she got dirty again

warm load in her

bag it fuck her pussy
then fuck her ass
bag then fuck her pussy again

UPDATED: 02/13/2013


23 hours a day
cpsu rikers island
told what to do by the D.O.C.
been here just like a month
hopefully i get bailed out
thats what im hopin for
im state property
drug charge and felony assault charge

waiting for an opening
this is a boat
when you in jail. its tight
its a cage
you gotta adapt to
its gonna come anyways
the violence gonna come
people tryin to go home
been here too many times
fist time i was here.
after coming out of a fucked up home
i been back and forth a few times
most because hustlin in the street
1 year sentence paroll violation
they dont care what crime you did
they make their day giving you a hard time here
see you the next time you come back
thanks for the job security putting my kids through college the dep says
give respect but same token set your goals and rules
doc rules
15yr veterain
on the run for years
finally got caught
this is my fourth time
place your id cards in your chest
ok one at a time
form a line
you cant trust everyone thats here
my letters my pictures my girlfriend
everyday i wake up saying i hate this shit
doin my time
i be here
spendin time writing poetry

UPDATED: 02/12/2013


  How can you possibly think that what you are doing is original bro?

I spent time on my logo i spent time even thinking about my name over 20yrs ago

after folk in the streets gave me my name before my V.

I take it as a great compliment.

Otherwise I'd be pissed.

But I do promise

if you think building your career around a trademark name.

It's only gonna cause legal issues in the future. If you blow up you make my day.

It's obvious with my soundcloud having the name you are just the copy as everyone else who follows suit.

nothing against your raps but just all your raps follow under.

Think about it.

I paid more for my trademark than pro tools cost me.

Just for you to search your name to see if it exists and is legit legally cost $700.

I know you ain't spent a cent.

Until you slept with a Gator in the same bed. You don't know shit about taming a beast.


UPDATED: 02/12/2013


you think you got beef with me lyrically
ill be sure that i see that your teeth scrape the street
dont you ever think you could face me
cuz ya fuckin raps got no flavor when my shit is really tasty


UPDATED: 02/12/2013


666 it'll never die
sykotic n wicked imma keep it alive

UPDATED: 02/12/2013


anything you do is a fraud
 riding with my name like my ex broad.
 You aren't even my homey.
Forever you rep mine you rep fake perpin phoney.
 Peep game and you see the chromey.
Hardcore lean
 your eyes got lard stored cuz son it's obvious you can't see.
You ain't been no Sykoe before me.
lets just have a friendly little battle
i said little cuz your mic sounds like a baby rattle
he livin in his aunties house in the country with cattle
tendin chickens n live stock see him on a sheep straddled
you work history is weak like the doggie paddle

I'll break you down fu-schnicken
cuz i tend n tame monsters with my voodoo wicked

UPDATED: 02/12/2013


thats cool you gave yourself the title of mc
and i see you sporting your big screen tv
but too bad your too stupid to have an image to put through it graphicly
i got shit in order prolly why your bitch ass is mad at me




its funny to get news off the net in depth. Deeper and wider than what the actual news stations showed 3 days later.
if you think that new funny volkswagon commercial racist. Shoot yourself.

shut up people bitching about the ad saying get training and learn to protect yourself. Don't count on the cops. People upset. Think. No different than going to school. You gonna have someone do it for you? No. Someone to raise your kids? No. Protect yourself.

Things said together isn't a conspiracy to be a believer, it's face. Things simplified n' dumb down the minds of ether filled with space.

Im not really about spending 90 on bottles. Id rather spend 10 on ice like the dollar menu at Mcdonalds

Some cigars taste like they look. Poo Poo. Some taste and inhale better than the best cigarette you ever had

Most thugs are as romantic as Drake looking purty with candles & clothes that fit. But not one part of them really romantic

Detroit City Counsel hopes to lease out the Belle Isle the same as a beat seller. So they can take it back and sell it to another.

course they brought gifford out to speak slow about gun control. Here lady have a lollypop drop and roll. Anything influential gets knocked

Dont sleep on it. Slap it in the deck let the amps deliver to the subs and beat on it

I've been arrested and locked up in 25 jails in the Motorcity Metro including the Motorcity. Top that tough guys looking for street cred.

Dre Beats headphones color the audio with more emphasis with bass/thump. If the produced/mixed the way the listener beats wanted no dre need

1z do drivebys w/gunz make the hive rise knievil drums w/bullets evil from guys if in ur face eyes to all sides or runs.

Coffee, Tea, Salt Bagel 2 packets of cream cheese, Port, Pot, couple new beats stocked all this equipment and weather got the studio hot.

Everyone loves the clown more than the serious

They say don't beleive everything on the net. Keywords "don't, everything." Leaving room for truth.

It's a free world in the land of domain to be named. Don't be mad you boast your top dog but I just got your domain. Chill B. Colab wit me

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© 1992-2013 MindState Records. 




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