UPDATED: 09-16-2013


This is the Writers Block. Where I jot down notes, ideas, lyrics, songs and more. Everything contained came from the brain main frame $ykoe.

This is that page them other rappers come peep game. Get ideas and script how they got fuel against my name all about how they pout in vain. Keep reading and relieve your pain. This is my therapy that helps from going insane.


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updated: 09-16-2013

claimin on top when just a few above you
holdin a monopoly of course fans gonna love you
im in his crosshairs 8 mile M1
he dont wanna cross here 8mile fiction em won
nobody above me im the poppa boss bear
producer and artist, he needs to grow a pair
vocals a deadly weapon detroit im reppin
motown phat old crown that old sound
stay strong we do you cant hold down
no matter the obsticle we get around

smooth swag my resemblance
better than stolen super car emblems
gotta be good enough to speak up on the rough
swag biters add wrinkles to my cuffs
master peices for murder
got lots of ds in school add's fuckin with my mindstate
i fight hard to stay cool. cuz the slightest thing pisses me off and toss a stool
accept me for who i am smart wild class clean who sometimes acts a fool

car tunes put the bumps inside
pimp my ride rollin through to sin tonight
request my songs bezerkafied
slow rapper with a studder
rappin like hes on that codiene ridin a whip with no rudder
i keep it told well like thomas sowell
if shits fucked up. oh well


updated: 09-15-2013

this is your brain on drugs
shut the fuck up!

they said this is my brain on drugs
i said shut the fuck up
you cant fuck with my illmatic documented flow
keep up your bullshit while my raps copyright yo
i drop the bass
and drop the big face

my beats tased
their beats waste
trying to green a hoe
you cant recycle waste
cuz its all used up
bad ingredients with bad taste

do you even know what the fuck you are talking about

ive done drugs before born

smoke more drink more
and yet i still do more

its all about control

dont touch my freedom

will power


jealous asshole

weak immune system

cant handle your drink

cant handle the smoke

pop pills bitch and pretend

hipicrit mother fuckers

so what if you hear my stereo
or smell the smoke
but its ok your perfume smells like the pope
fuck off while i ride my harley with no hands
5000 watts bumpin my illest favorite bands
atari green stick humanoid with lotsa fans
haters get eaten by the evil ottos trance
1980 z80 berzerk zappin stance
realistics boomin plaguing the neighborhood
with a smiley face bouncin around
stuck between the path you follow now
some of us gotta do to calm down
i dont give a fuck if the cops surrounds me
cuz im gonna get more drugs when they lock me up
deeper and deeper in the dungeon as you go
the punishment gets mocked up
theres more bad shit deeper as you go
what the judge says is the way the dice rolls
millions of smart people multiple parolls
once the ice melts now watch where it flows


UPDATED 09-14-2013

man he got fired for smoking weed on the ice cream truck
right after a buck we had with some south warren fuck
its obvious after a crazy point ya needa joint
but better yet we need to smoke a blunt
cuz sometimes you just gotta blow things over like you blow that weed
dust in the wind flow in my jet stream
 from detroit to kansas
ice chunks and gin bangin out
shirt hanging out

i got my art for sale like the d i a
abstrakt dunks ba in the n b a
master in the master class made
paving a way for a brighter day
emotional state
reminescent element in a smile okay
rotation in the chrome platter with spokes
hub float landscape brand name scope
how my shit makes their shit jokes
pay a producer pay a cast
i push through in a yacht with 1 man at the mast
props to my people
feeling good
wayne to oakland county
drinking beers in macomb where you found me
mint mohito florida bound to me

UPDATED 09-13-2013

tell the time with ease
on my time piece
with the links bent
lookin like a ice tent
off a ice berg that santa claus let me rent

let me invent
buildin albums masonry freemen
 issues in the street
i got tissues for them bitches feenin

might as well stay on your toes
its time to start taken lives
the girl got stabbed to death where the officers stood

nuclear fukushima in my mpowered beema

buff your face

raps electrified taser you

bow down, my style wild now crowned

i aint going back to being in the gutter

god with me

leave a white man bleeding alongside the curb like a candy cane

black man scary leak his candy
 brandy n strawberry syrup

intentionally dimensionally

round 1
round 2

lit like the star apollo
drippin my drones into your skull till it's hollow

money stackin figures

respect my rules in the game

blow the mary jane all over your name

fuck your small wind when he flow
represent a sykoe ill to blow

won the first battle

all i see is hip hop

ive got albums to line a shelf in a parade
hip hop hooray
cuz ive got 32
circular blades in my array

round 3
they voiced who the winner is, it's about me


UPDATED 09-12-2013

ohhhhhh yeeeaaahhhhh!!!
back to my old ways
just like them old days
that crazy mutha fucka
phat stacks
and im not talkin flap jacks
big dollars following my hash tags
fast cash and slow money
drippin slow honey
cuz im all about the money
i dont give a fuck if its your money or mine
lets spend it all today
gold bricks fuck silver dollars
thats for pancakes i want that money thats worth poppin collars
listen here as i turn up the bass
and pack the fuckin place with people with smiles
im talking piles
mounds and mountains
so high creeps out my yards gates
and spews out of my circular drives fountains
fuck bill gates
he aint got shit on me
he made a big ass calculator
fuck i got a hard dick
money might be the root to evil

i dont need shit to survive the earth aint already gave me
cuz it leads us out of the gutter away from evil people like a bean stalk
call me jack or johnny
cuz my ass is shining
im back
i love that cash
money fast
come and go
sometimes it flow
sometimes its on hold
or your just dead broke
life for real is a joke
just when you think things are balanced
another fuckin thing takes a grab with its talons
rippin off my covers n valance
secure no more
on alert watchin the door
cuz you know their comin
to take what you got
it dont matter if its the law or the government or a thief
cuz god damn. they are all the fuckin same to me
dont worry be happy
even if life is treatin you crappy
i aint got room for a sappy sap
oh snap shit

long kiss goodnight let another rapper think hes good enough to take flight
sociopath skitzephrenic on my styles ya take bite
but im willin to say fuck all these people
i just fuckin saved it
i got the dough you got the butter
lets bake it

so fresh and your so hot
got me feeling the peak of the mountains top
im that mtv artist to watch
bass 313
bass 313
bass 313
dj magic mac
sykoe is back
puffin on that dope
my vehicle is packed with smoke
toke it up
toke it up
bass up
blow it up

jack and phil went up the hill
to catch him touchin his daughter
jack put him down and broke his crown
and phil came rumbling for the slaughter.
up jack popped shots by alot
high class drop the suicidal paper
for a flame slob who we blast and drop
negative integer for a dumb faker

whip wicked with magic
a green and black classic
i wrote a letter to my fan
i added the bass and dropped it
i dropped it
i dropped it
and on my way i dropped it
the cops picked it up
i felt the cuffs lockin
put that too short and the pac in
fresh brew put the hops in
wonder why his eyes hopsin
riddle their bodies by the thompson
served on a frozen truck swanson
bass bangin a death wish bronson



UPDATED 09-10-2013

fuck you
 it dont matter what you rate
 room for the hate
my music will stand to dominate
 reflections of fate
ressurection of faith

book of raps with a hard cover made
rigid of diamond plate
taylor made hand crafted great
rennaisance my mindstate
exsquisite mad skills
means my beat machine's got a cape
captain save a rap like save a hoe
without the gape or gap
so back of the line mother fucker is where you can wait
cuz im the only producer hotter and been hot in this michigan state where we got entitled little curb kickers acting like their jewish friends adds weight.
how about i add more cut
to your weak mom of a slut who had an accident
thinking the cum woulding drip into her pussy from the butt
i see you new rappers come and i seen most of yall go
how many of you really got what it takes to do a little ass bar show?
how many of you really got what it takes to do a little ass car show
i seen around the corner that bitch
talkin to everyone about all our shit
there is a difference between a friend and a snitch
you can talk if it benefits
if you know its gonna cause some shit
then you know over your grammar bitch
its some cold ass steel on your lips
feel n hear the midrange
when the hammer hits
pushing hard these big hits
customizing all my own sound kits
cuz im a tru producer running his own flag ships
all the money in the world cant match this
wack boy preset sack boys
unlock your lids
listen to what we got n know what it is
algorithims of balance between a studios tits
nipples perky perfect sexy grab my pole n work this
with some hot licks
real beat makers
better fear
tell me one time when thuggin win
plugged in

my car was owned by bruce wayne
hittin licks kick the cruise if the blues came
got arnold the terminators leather jacket
same pistol joey used to run his racket
ferrari fine with no cup holder to hold my cigs
fine leather stitched
aint for tools so leave out the ratchet bitch

hair on my nuts
i dont like girls with hairs on their butts
friction when bangin sluts

horny girls callin me up
sayin me, is exsquisite in a nice ride crawlin dub
back seat lit n loud like the club
bad mother mother fucker fuckin with no sleeve rubber rub
you thought i was wrong
but i was right
dont be doubtin me
hustlin on me is hustlin for a dream
to be real like frozen with no drip ice cream
add some sprinkles n chocolate streams
im just one of them stars in the streets

you call her and send her a text
but she aint
replying till its payday
and you cash your paychecks
think you got it goin on
but you really got it goin gone

no were not in a rush
but when your ready you can leave with me
amazing charm, got her under my arm
do whatever you like, fun tonight
she loves my flow, and my styles is sick
michigan, hit it again
dunking donuts in some killigans
spillin mens juices when i light the filiment
in and through got his friends attention by my entertaining fullfilment

try to put their nail in me
while my fans steady hailin me
like a cab but know im always down to drag
on puffin like a dragon
put away your swords no need for impaling me
just cuz i put my mack on
ruffin mics when the record tracks on
they wanna say for goodness saken
steady fakin no dough makin leaves off a tree no bud rakin
cuz their peeps mindstate in this all their fans we takin

dont kiss that bitch cuz
every guy who plays with her ends up a man down
shes behind your back dishin your plan out

fifth mile insane with a head fulla bugs

 chippin gold n addin rust to my carteeayys
go back in time any time party bass
porclein gods jump in the time machines
heavy weights with raps laid rhyme bust beams

let all the money dissepate
recessitate the holdin down by the police state
true patriots aint busta made
detroit where the weak get eaten
new every week on the open mic
cuz the last guy ran outta ideas the drivesbarricuda ate
dinner plate feed roids brave
winner and a champ cuz im detroit made
all i need is 1 amp and a speaker slaved
to know competition out of comission
fission in the fusin fire higher with fusion of a star
lightin up any local bar takin cats out of their position

shout out to the fans
hit a sucker in his chin

we out here on a beat
hattin ass niggas whats up?
come n feel the heat
headed to the top
you know imma win
my own lyrics, my own beat
windows open clean so you can peek
just talked to his hen
tellin me where the chip went this week
cuz on me
his money she spent cuz im a g
aint no bluffin gold loadin all or nothing
explodin out avoidin the cuffin
mass mail over zone gotta message make sure its sent
actin tough n shit leavin haters bent
like a pilgrim pelican on puritan bum in a tent
with a bumper chrome leave a knee cap bent
they need rap to soak in their dome
and i need rent

hi how are you doing? (im that mufucker they warned you about)
oh yeah? shiiit. Ok. Not that I heard anything like that but ok.
(Yeah imma flip this bar upside down dogg)
yeah i hear a lot of cats say that. Let me guess you the best!
(fuckin right bro. taking shit shit over)
not like i haven't heard that before.

some cats say listen to this new beat that i made
start playin it, dont wanna be sayin it but it sound like hes
play me a prank
some cats raps hard in not the ways you like
but like gats in a funeral you gotta disregard n label rank
not in a high positional take
but like gone n out there hit by the
9 milli and a shank
ratchet and the crank
ricochet on dank
windows up clam bake
bass hold tight push the weed off the plate
cops at the check point askin me something
i cant hear whats the order he made
cuz these windows on my
s class double paned
ridin boss bitch baron on the road push your ride in a ditch lost bitch
cuz bitch my ride its a tank
flags on the hood means a king gold with no limit to the parade
premium fuel burns up n evaporate
160 miles n hour ridin straight
feeling good just baked
cuz i got food in my belly and
money in the bank
accents n moods high ranked
blue tooth to open the gate
deeds on the properties safe
i got o.p.p behind a wall marble made
leds n lasers recessed see how them other music acts too bright to be street arcade or too dull to break the barriers of detroit raps barricades
313 hard life how americans like us is made

some niggas like water
alter they falter their fake
fall off the wall
got that young cash claming joy road
means its likely his paycheck void bro
talkin region in the mic point told
all he do is rap and smoke a lot with a groin hold
like he's still in jail

i know he listened to me cuz this boy old
wanna match what this hot boy sold
my album like a pound of nails
 for a penny see how all your coin fold

your ride top heavy
big headed while i rock steady
teenage mutant spin ya a hurdle

loin mold
point told
coin fold
put detroit as his spot of location

im only with tru love baby

i promise
this could be, where we both wanted to be
all along in this time with you and me

cuz you know that imma love you always

people pointing fingers
pimpin in the parking lot with their cars

i know baby your day at work was hard
dealing with the bullshit drama
thats why imma take you to a place really far
away lets stay in a hotel
drinks at the bar
dancin in the club
this is whats good when we had enough
when we put it down with our love
i dont wanna lose hope outta love
come on girl just spice it up
dont be diry dont be clean
i love it in between
high heels sexy legs shes a star
i see her crotch when she get out of the car
i told you in the first night in the bed where we slept
my promises will always be kept
imma pick n place perfect in adept
makin you feel good deep in the depth
standing up against the wall or in the bed
head down n up town the city painted red
she hears my whispers she aint deaf
she heard everything that i said

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